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Here at Synergy Leaf Tea Company, we are constantly striving to improve the community around us. It is one of our core values as a company to always be giving to our community and to make tomorrow a better place than today.

Giving Back

striving for a better community

safehouse center

Shelters we are currently working with:

With the purchase of any tea pack, we donate $1 to local women's shelters.

SafeHouse Center is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide safety, support, advocacy and resources for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence and their children.


LACASA is a non-profit organization that provides help and hope for victims of abuse.

Toilet Paper


Bed Pillows

Take a peek at some of the donations we've been able to make from your purchases! Current as of May-Aug 2022.



Kids Underwear


Board Games


Get to know us

Our small business started with a big idea: to create a safe and effective hand-crafted leaf tea that also tastes amazing and has a positive impact on our community.

As consumers, we understand that despite our best efforts, it’s hard to make ethical purchases. And as avid tea drinkers, we know how important it is to find teas you can feel confident drinking.

So we set out to make a tea that our customers could feel good drinking, in every aspect! 

- Mike and Sarah

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Because as ambitious as we are, we knew we couldn’t do it alone.

At Synergy Leaf Tea, we’re harnessing the power of our community to make the world a better place.