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As a family-owned tea company, we are on a mission to enrich the lives of tea drinkers worldwide with safe, effective, and high-quality tea. 

Synergize Your Tea

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We love the rituals, the benefits, the comfort… But we’re also here to do more....

It shouldn't come as a surprise that we love tea.

So Here’s the Tea…

We’re here to make a big impact with every cup.

Synergy is commonly used to describe the interaction of two substances that produce a combined effect greater than their individual effects. Inspired by this idea, we asked ourselves, “How can we apply synergy to our lives and business?”

By bringing people together with our teas, we realized we could create a synergizing effect on the world by donating and giving back to our community, creating healthier alternatives that tea drinkers everywhere could feel confident drinking, and brewing teas that positively affect lives.

So today, synergy drives our every move.

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Because as ambitious as we are, we knew we couldn’t do it alone.

At Synergy Leaf Tea, we’re harnessing the power of our community to make the world a better place.

So safety and quality are nice and all... But what about our tea's effectiveness? 

Since we only use the highest quality herbs and roots, the incredible taste comes from the ingredients themselves, and not from "natural" or artificial flavorings

Our ingredients have been tested for heavy metals and are organic.

We hand weigh each ingredient to ensure a consistently refreshing taste.

As avid tea drinkers, it was our priority to find teas that we felt comfortable drinking and met our safety standards. It's why we knew safety would be of utmost importance when we created Synergy Leaf Tea.

You can sip easy knowing our tea bags are bleach-free and plastic-free.  We only source our organic herbs from trusted herbal vendors.

Experience the Synergy Difference

so why us?

- crystal

Synergy Leaf Tea is cozy in a cup!

Amazing flavor with maximum relaxation. Elevate your nighttime routine, you deserve this tea!

- kathy

The teas that I have tried from Synergy Leaf Tea have been fantastic.

The aroma that you get when tasting the tea is amazing!

- kristina

The product does exactly what it advertises.

I suffer from bad anxiety, and when I feel bad, I have used the Peace and Tranquiltea. It really is calming!



Get to know us

Our small business started with a big idea: to create a safe and effective hand-crafted leaf tea that also tastes amazing and has a positive impact on our community.

As consumers, we understand that despite our best efforts, it’s hard to make ethical purchases. And as avid tea drinkers, we know how important it is to find teas you can feel confident drinking.

So we set out to make a tea that our customers could feel good drinking, in every aspect! 

- Mike and Sarah

Get to Know Your Artisans

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Start your morning routine with clarity and focus.

Morning Claritea

coming soon

Every sip feels like a warm, comforting hug.

Chai Tea

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Pain relief for the discomfort our bodies go through.

Lady Time Tea

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When you need to catch some extra good z’s.

Sleep & Serenitea

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Harness the power of zen energy.

Peace & Tranquilitea

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We are constantly striving to make a positive impact on the world. It’s one of our core values to always give back to our community and to make tomorrow better than today. It’s why we donate $1.00 for every tea pack sold to women’s shelters, such as SafeHouse Center and LACASA.

Teas with a mighty purpose.

More Than a Tea Company

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ask sarah

We also want all our consumers to feel confident and comfortable drinking our tea, which is why we started our “Ask a Nurse” program. With this program, you can ask our resident nurse Sarah, any questions you have about our tea without any obligations or paywalls. 

Transparency with every cup. 

We donate $1 to women's shelters.

with the purchase of any tea pack

giving back

shelter's we're currently working with


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