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About Us

Veteran-owned. Family-run. Philanthropic-minded.

If there’s one thing you’ll discover when first meeting us, it’s that we’re avid tea drinkers. We love the ritual of making a steaming cup of tea, the fantastic and diverse benefits it provides, and the comfort it brings with every sip.

So it was no surprise when we both came up with the idea to start our own tea business.

Wanting to incorporate our passion for philanthropy, Sarah's and Mike’s experience in the wellness and health industry, and our love for organic herbs, it made sense to us to create safe, effective, and delicious tea

Hey, we’re Sarah and Mike!
Grab a cup of tea, and let’s get cozy.

Allow us to introduce ourselves! We’re the owners and operators of Synergy Leaf Tea company. More than that, we’re parents to two handsome sons and one beautiful daughter.

Every ingredient was picked with intention, tested for quality and effectiveness, and of course, taste tested for flavor.

This led us down a path
filled with research on how to make the highest-quality teas on the market.

Our dream since day one has been to provide for our family, donate to those in need, and share our love of tea through our products.

All the leaves, roots, and herbs in our teas create a powerful synergy effect in our bodies. The biological structures of our CBD and organic herbs result in a bigger impact than the sum of their separate effects.

We carefully choose our ingredients to complement each other so they create a synergizing effect. The result? Consistent flavor, quality, and effectiveness with every sip!

The power of the flower.


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give back to the community & make tomorrow better than today


enrich the lives of tea drinkers across the world with every sip


bring people together with our teas


create a synergizing effect on the world by creating healthier alternatives that tea drinkers everywhere can feel confident drinking


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A Tea That Gives Back

On day one, we made a commitment to never lose sight of one of our core values: giving back to our community. Since our first sale, we’ve been donating to various shelters in hopes of making tomorrow a little bit better than today. Thank you for helping us with this mission!

donations we've made with your purchases


We believe in transparency, so we started our “Ask a nurse” program to help you with any questions you have! Ask our resident nurse, Sarah, questions you have about our home made tea recipes — without any obligations or paywalls.



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